bayerische Sprüche mit Herzblut

Bavarian sayings with heart and soul

Funny, humorous, rough or heartfelt - but really always honest and how we've grown our beaks.

We Bavarians simply love our dialect! And for all those who are not very familiar with Bavarian, I have put together the BEST OF folk festival sayings. So you, as a “non-Bavarian”, are well prepared for the next festival trip in your new dirndl. So, let's get started!

The evening begins...

Bavarian dirndls, lederhosen, pretzels and a marquee decorated in blue and white. Visiting a folk festival is great fun! To ensure that your folk festival evening doesn't go to waste, you need a few Bavarian basics.

  • "Griasde!" – Hello or greetings..
  • "How's it going?" - How are you doing?
  • "Enjoy your meal!" - Bon appetit
  • "How are you?" - What's your name?
  • “What’s sogsd?” - I'm sorry, what ?
  • “Fesch's Dirndl host o” – “You are wearing a beautiful dirndl”
  • "No a measure, bittschee" - order a beer / another measure of beer please.
  • "Oans, two, g'suffa!" – Probably the most important toast at a folk festival.
  • “Is that where you lose your busn mocha or is that of the dirndl?”

Apple dirndl with red apron for women

Flirt - but do it right!

Are you running into a pretty girl or boy?

Nothing can go wrong with these flirting sayings!

  • "I like you!" - I like you. (Classic
  • “Do you like a bus?” – Do you like a kiss?” (A little more daring, but why not?)
  • "Gehma zam ebs dranga??" Just nice. (Shall we go for a drink together?)
  • "You're crazy!" Best with a “dachshund look” (but you’re pretty.)
  • “You wore a beautiful dirndl!” - To the lady with the beautiful dirndl :-) (But you are wearing a beautiful dirndl)
  • "Mei Bua, a dashing Wampn host." - What is true must remain true... (But you have a nice stomach)

Dirndl with flowers in retro style from mein herzblut vintage

Sayings you should never flirt with!

Even if the level occasionally drops as the beer level rises - you should avoid these sayings ;-)

  • "My host is in front of the hut!" - Really corny!
  • "You're so stupid because I'm so drunk!" - Really cheeky
  • "My favorite animal is a tap!" – Not really funny...
  • "De Brezn doesn't have curves as nice as you!" - Oh well...
  • “You look younger than you do.” - Well-intentioned, but not really a compliment.

Alternative to the dirndl with traditional shirts my heart’s blood

The evening isn't going as you would have liked?

The beer is warm, the guy at the next table is annoying you and the long line in front of the toilet makes your mood sink.

Sometimes you just have to be clear. That's why you need a well-groomed Bavarian expletive.

  • "With just a few eyes, you can't see anything." - Clear request to continue
  • Keep working :-D
  • "Schiache Wedahex!" - Doubtful compliment to an unsightly lady...
  • "Heaven's God sacrament!" - Bavarian is simply the best way to swear!
  • “gschlampad” – sloppy”
  • The whole thing is a moron." - complete idiot ;-)
  • "Kloana Kniabiesler!" - annoying teenager
  • "Greißlig" - ugly, hideous
  • “Sneak it!” - Go away!
  • "Pfui Deife do is a koda Bauer untam Diesch"- ...........
Vollrausch traditional shirt my heart’s blood online shop

The evening is going perfectly!

The music is great, the beer is nice and cold and you can either have your best friends or the flirt from the next table sitting around you. With these Bavarian sayings you can express your good mood :-)

  • "A mords Gaudi" - great fun!
  • "My, that's great!" - Oh, that's wonderful!
  • "Hau di hera, then samma mehra!" - Sit here, then there will be more of us!
  • "Bassd scho" - It's fine, everything's easy!
  • “Sauguad” – Saugut
  • “Schmus ma” – Do you want to French kiss me? But I don't smell like toothpaste anymore

With these important Bavarian vocabulary and sayings, your next visit to the folk festival will definitely be a blast and a blast.


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