Frau im Dirndl und ein Bier am Tisch

And there she was on her face.

Dirndl drama in the marquee

Don't you feel like you're looking at a traditional beer spectacle in Koding Eicherdorf with your friends and moaning about how beautiful you are? This often means something powerful.

When you look like you yourself, you build yourself up like a rattlesnake and wonder where you got your beautiful dirndl from?

Higeh, na higeh dua i do ned. I can't give a compliment...if I look like that, I'll tell you that she's maybe 22 and then a no-Gräss "communion girl-3rd class", yes, if I drink like that and the next time I looked in the mirror and then I looked like a peach, then I could really grumble.
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Doesn't matter. I'm sitting with my friend and he's looking at the night....but I think that's the time. Where is that? He then sucked very loudly to me, “Do you like the pretty girl in the incredibly hot dirndl?!

If I pick up snot and suck it, it's not a problem.
Who are you moaning about? Sog i to erm.

Of course the task is important and I don't give it away. I look and watch the girl and say, she didn't have a high shoe and couldn't walk with it!? On the gschissna Brädabon in the tent? For a moment you were busy with your bus and he was sitting safely -

sweet red little heart.

How quickly I lifted my foot and put it on my foot. Yes - just out of pure envy!

Then I picked up the snack mess from the Freint and looked to see if it was really lying down on the dirty bean... My Dascherl is soooo far away that the mayor can go straight to his desk, that he can't do his job.

Woman in black and green dirndl turns around and has a knife in her hand behind her back.
It won't hurt you, because you're definitely going to have a Buifa in your back, because you're sure the men are oisse zoin. The woman's spirit arises easily in me again, then I lifted the messa do in my hand and just think, her ez Dei spinna up. A murder on the dirndl, is it worth it?
Olle homs looked in the tent and hom looked at where I was - where do you think I was?
red heart
If your understanding of the dialect fails you now,
Here is the story in standard German:

And then she was on her nose. The one with the dirndl.

You probably know this: you visit a traditional folk festival like the Gäuboden Volksfest with your friend and think you are the most beautiful one in the whole tent. But you are often very wrong!

And when someone is more beautiful, you immediately feel like a rattlesnake: Where did she get that great dirndl?!

Go there? Or not ? No... I won't do that. I can't give her a compliment too!

So I continue to watch her and notice that at her estimated sweet 22 years old, she also has a dress size that is reminiscent of a third-grade communion girl, but has breasts like a stable 40-year-old in her prime!

Hmmm.....and when you look fresh again the next day because of this alcohol consumption - I can get upset...

Well no matter. I'm sitting here comfortably with my friend. and he's actually looking after her! Now it's over, I think to myself, now he's noticed it too. What's that supposed to mean? And then he asks loudly if I have seen this pretty girl in that great dirndl.

Take a deep breath...and no, of course I didn't notice it. "Who do you mean?"

I ask innocently. Should I admit that I also stared at the one in the dirndl?! No. No way.

But I keep watching her out of the corner of my eye...She actually has high heels on and can walk in them. On the damn wooden floor in the tent.

But now I've had enough.

When she doesn't pay attention for a moment because she's adjusting her dream breasts, something happens:

Quick as a weasel, I reach out with my foot and trip the snipe. Exactly...just like that.

Out of pure envy!

Then I grab my friend's lunch knife and check whether the cow is actually lying lengthwise on the dirty wooden floor...

A complete success! Her bag flew so far that it hit the mayor in the back of the head and knocked his glasses off his nose. But it certainly didn't hurt him.

The cow definitely didn't have a wallet in her pocket - men pay for everything like that anyway.

And then the offended female anger arises in me again. I still hold the knife in my hand and think to myself...

Now stop spinning already. A murder because of a dirndl?? Is it worth it ?

Everyone is staring at me. Me and the knife...And? What do you think I did?

I asked her, actually I just wanted to know where you bought this dirndl. She answered in a sad voice, with my heart and soul.

If you also have a desire to kill because the dirndls from mein herzblut are simply the most beautiful, then put the knife back and take a look around my shop.

Dirndl with colorful ribbons from mein herzblut Lower Bavaria

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