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Your vote for your favorite fabrics!

Today I would like to introduce you to my Corona weather emergency solution. Since things aren't looking so good economically for almost everyone at the moment, I've been thinking for a long time about what I can offer you during this "dahoamhocka" time. I have 2 pieces of bad news and I would like to start with these. In 2019 I already bought a few 100 meters of blouse material in order to be able to offer you a new dirndl blouse collection. But then all festivals were canceled until further notice. Celebrations are basically forbidden! I won't be releasing a blouse collection or a new dirndl collection in 2021! I simply can't afford to go into pre-production and then I'll be stuck with my goods. Nobody really enjoys it. Because without festivals there are no dirndls or only a few dirndls and dirndl blouses.

Black dirndl blouse Herzblut Shop

Good night for you, the dirndl that I still have in stock is of course still available to buy in my online shop . You are welcome to try out the dirndl with me in Fichtheim after making an appointment. No problem, I'm always happy when customers choose my design because my design clearly stands out from "mainstream design".

Fabric ideas for you

I thought you might have fun creating something new at home in the form of a new sewing project or something similar. I thought to myself, if you can't go to parties, then maybe a party piece can go to your house. When I still had my shop in Straubing, I always had a lot of demand for Straubing fabric. That's why I didn't abandon this idea and summarized my design highlights from the last few years for you and also developed a new design.

Here come my new extraordinary fabric designs for YOU:

Beautiful colorful fabrics with fruit caramels on them.

Here you can see the fabric sample "Guti fabric" made of 100% satin cotton.
This cotton fabric quality stands out from other cotton fabrics thanks to its wonderfully soft surface.
Pastel colored fabric with purses on it.
Here you can see the fabric design "Pearl Purse" made of 100% satin cotton. This cotton fabric quality stands out from other cotton fabrics with its wonderfully soft surface.
My inspiration was a super cute little purse that you won at your favorite lottery stand.
Frontenhausen fabric Eberhofer crime fiction fan fabric
It couldn't be more iconic. Eberhofer on the “Frontenhausen fabric” to sew. Make things out of fabric for your loved ones, whether dresses, skirts or pillow cases, this fabric is great for your sewing projects. Eberhofer's leather jacket and his shirt with the print "ROCK RULES". The sweet dog, Berger Picard breed, with the Leberkäss roll in its mouth, the vintage Audi 80 B2. Don't forget tasty things from grandma's green pot. The rose represents Susi.

Be careful, you can vote like this!

Next week there will be 3 votes for you on Facebook and Instagram . I'll introduce you to 3 different fabrics like I showed you above. I designed these myself. They're only available to me. Next week on Facebook and Instagram from 7 a.m. you can choose your favorite fabric color and let me know whether you like the fabric or not. Please comment diligently and also write to me if you like the fabric and whether you want to buy one. The fact is, there will be several big sales for me in 2021, flea market events via click-collect, limited collections in the accessories area and a new fabric collection!

I hope, dear customers, that I can stay in touch with you and that you feel fun, joy and freedom with my “things of the heart”!

Sincerely yours, Christina.

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