The most beautiful family wisdom from Bavaria

Who doesn't know them: little pieces of wisdom that are passed on from one generation to the next within the family?

Original traditions, presented with a little wink.
I asked you on Facebook about your favorite family wisdom. And, wow, there were so many great sayings! Absolutely my thing: a bit retro and traditional, but not the least bit old-fashioned. Just as individual and cheeky as my traditional costumes ;-)
And here they come - the best family wisdom from grandma, grandpa and the whole family!

Chocolate, pretzels and serious warnings

There is a lot of useful advice from the family when it comes to food. It's best to stick to it, otherwise there's a risk of constipation, worm infestation or even leaf growth coming out of your ears :-) Here we go:
"From the block chocolate biggd da s'Oschloch zam!" (Block chocolate causes constipation!)
"Eat warm pretzels, otherwise you'll get a stomach ache!" (Don't eat a warm pretzel or you'll get a stomach ache!)
"If you swallow a cherry stone, you'll get a ball out of your ear!" (If you swallow a cherry stone, leaves will grow out of your ears!)

Family diet tips

Grandma also has useful advice for your next diet:
"Grandma, I'm hungry!" "Then lick a Soiz, then diescht disch!" ("Grandma, I'm hungry!" "Then lick the salt, then you'll be thirsty!")
This could even work... but be careful! Don't exaggerate, because: "If you eat a lot of salt, there will be weight in your stomach!" (If you eat too much salt, you'll grow worms in your stomach!)
We'd rather stick to the following tradition and enjoy it, because "If you eat it, it'll be a mess!" (If you eat up, the weather will be nice!)

Compliments and beauty tips from the family

"Aloan isn't bad in heaven." (It's not nice to be alone in heaven either.) So, girls, pay attention! (Of course the boys too ;-) ) Put on your most beautiful retro costumes from my heart and also stick to grandma's beauty tips:
“If you can, it stays there!” (If you squint, your eyes stay that way!)
"If you put your head back like that, you'll hit Groopf." (If you lean your head back like that, you'll get a goiter.)
The family also likes to give warm compliments:
"From de Fliagn that shit." (Freckles - shit on by flies.)

Here’s to being a good neighbor!

Yes, the neighbors and the dear relatives. Some of your family wisdom deals with interpersonal issues such as envy, gossip and annoying visitors. Here we go!
"If you don't talk about your suffering, you'll die." (When people stop gossiping, you die.)
"A Bsuach is like a fish, after 3 Dog a stinks!" (Visitors are like fish - they stink after three days!)
"Pity is for nothing - envy must be deserved!" (You get pity for free - you have to earn envy!)

Wisdom for every situation in life - they always work!

Finally come our ultimate retro classics from the family.
Have you hurt yourself, are you impatient or are you just whining a bit? Then someone in the family is guaranteed to share one of the following words of wisdom:
"Every hod is a bagger to the drong." (Everyone has to carry his own package.)
"If you're getting married, it's okay." (Everything will be fine again until you get married.)
"With patience and spook, you'll catch a Mucka!" (With patience and spit, you can catch every mosquito!)
And what do you think? Do any of the sayings sound familiar to you? Or do you know any other useful wisdom from your family? Feel free to leave me a comment! I'm looking forward!

: Family wisdom in Bavarian

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