Ostbayernschau mit retro Dirndl von mein herzblut

Finally Gäubodenvolksfest and Ostbayernschau 2022 again

Finally Gäubodenvolksfest and Ostbayernschau again!

From August 13th to 21st, 2022, Straubing is celebrating my favorite folk festival. And I'm right in the middle - because my heart and soul is exhibiting there! Visit me in the huge XXL shopping center and let yourself be inspired by our extraordinary traditional costumes! Let yourself be carried away by the gigantic atmosphere of the many exhibitors and visitors to the Ostbayernschau.
400,000 guests are expected - I'm looking forward to every single one :-)
T-shirts from Bavarian Wild in olive with breze and radi
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Shop, dress up, dance away. Sounds good? Then you've come to the right place, because our dirndls are 100% suitable for parties. No matter whether you want to rock out in metal, go to the traditional Bavarian folk dance or celebrate the swinging sixties in a retro dirndl - at mein Herzblut you will find extraordinary dirndls and shirts from "bayrisch wild" and "bavarian caps" with irresistible charm.
Guaranteed not to be a mass-produced product - every dirndl looks like it was hand-sewn.
Beer Brezel Love my heart and soul fashion from Lower Bavaria

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Put on your new dirndl and off to the Gäubodenvolksfest 2022

Directly with the newly purchased dirndl

to the folk festival next door! Crazy? Sure, of course! But why not just be different from the others?

And if you discover your dream dirndl with us, you can of course wear it straight away ;-)
But what to do with the worn jeans and T-shirt? You simply pack them in one of our retro bags! This is how you transport your clothes charmingly and with style.
By the way: Shopping fun at mein Herzblut at the Ostbayernschau is available every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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T-shirt from mein herzblut in black with Bavarian motifs for the Ostbayernschau in Straubing 2022, the most popular folk festival in all of Bavaria.
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What I bring you

Are you probably curious about what there is to discover at our stand? Of course, a lot of traditional costumes, as you know from me: unusual, a little crazy and Bavarian wild. My fashion is designed with a lot of passion, every piece is special! Dirndl as if you sewed it yourself - sometimes rocky, sometimes retro, sometimes dreamy like a fairytale. But always different than the others. No standard fashion, no mass-produced product - at mein Herzblut you will find dirndls that are just as unique as you are!
I'm also involved with the collection that I buy.
These include trousers, light silk boho dresses, linen shirts and bags.
And the matching accessories?
Of course I also have a large selection of scarves, necklaces, bags, shirts, jeans, boho dresses and earrings for you!
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Customer photo of my heart and soul dirndl, retro dirndl from Lower Bavaria the most beautiful and the best mega extraordinary

My passion for your perfect outfit

Boring or dusty traditional costumes? You can forget that with us. You'll stand out with a dirndl from meine Herzblut - you can try it out next door at the Gäubodenvolksfest 2022! And after having to miss out on celebrating for so long, getting ready before the festival is twice as much fun.
So come by and take a look at my traditional costumes - I look forward to each one and give you great prices!
Have you already discovered your dream dirndl on my homepage? Or you like another piece and are not sure whether I should bring it to the Ostbayernschau?
Then just write to me or call me.
Then I will be happy to bring your desired product for you.
Looking forward to you!

Where is the “my heart’s blood” stand?

You can find me in the Fraunhoferhalle Hall 16 with stand number EG1679 (Kronawitter)
Only CASH PAYMENT possible
I'm free on Tuesday!
Ostbayernschau with the Herzblut family

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