Ostbayernschau im Dirndl Retro Dirndlkleid. 10 Fragen an mein herzblut.

The 10 most common customer questions

Very often it happens that I get asked the same questions from you over and over again. That's why I've put everything together and written it down.

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1. Do you do “THAT” yourself?
Yes! I do “THAT” everything myself. I buy my fabrics or invent fabric patterns myself that I have printed on cotton. But first I create a dirndl collection on the PC. The fabrics are scanned and the buttons are photographed. Everything is being digitized. Then I create the dirndl collection.
I buy all the ingredients needed for my collections. e.g. B. Buttons, zippers, lace and trims. I completely invent the dirndl collection and the blouse collection, as well as the bodies and the retro skirts myself!
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2. Do you sew everything yourself?
Have you ever seen Karl Lagerfeld at the sewing machine? No! I am a designer myself. I can sew but I don't have time for it. Since I fill my online shop completely by myself, there is no time for sewing work.
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3. Where do you get all the great fabrics from?
I visit the “Munich Fabric Start” fabric fair about twice a year. I look for materials there. Fabrics are then ordered wholesale. You can't buy individual meters, only 15-25 meters per design. But sometimes you're lucky and get really cool 70s fabrics from old shops (junk shops). I buy these, but only from 5-15 meters and then create a MINI collection. I love the old fabric patterns. You can't find something like that so easily anymore.
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4. Who sews for you and where does the sewing take place?
As I said above, I take care of EVERYTHING except the sewing. I have my sample pieces sewn in Lower Bavaria.
That is, one piece is sewn per model and it is checked whether everything really fits. If this is the case, ALL fabrics including zippers, buttons, trims. Lace etc. sent to a small tailor shop in Poland. The limited dirndl collection is sewn there. What you should probably also know is that the fewer pieces I order, the more expensive the dirndl will be. And the sample collection and the fabric cost a lot of money.
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5. Do you also make one-off products?
Yes, I have been working with my reliable seamstress for over 15 years. She can also sew very well to size. Once the design is finalized, a one-off product can also be sewn. Costs from 600 euros and up. For more details write to me 0175/2043049.
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6. When can I come to you?
There are no opening times in this sense. Just write to me or call me on 0175/2043049 and make an appointment. You are welcome to come shopping with your friends. I set up a shop that used to be a hair salon. My collection hangs between old drying hoods.
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7. Where else do you shop?
Since 2021 I have also been buying women's collections in one size from Italy. Because Corona forced me to expand my product range in order to be able to live off my independence again. I buy shirts from Bavarian Caps and Bavarian wild!
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8. Can you live on this?
Yes, I can make a living from it. My motto, if you're hardworking and work, you'll get somewhere. “Nothing” comes from “nothing”. Besides, it's a lot of fun. I'd rather have a job that's really worth it, just like when I do what I want. My Lem is too bad for that.
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9. Since when has “my heart’s blood” existed?
I have had the trademark registered in the German patent office since 2004. So the brand is protected.
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10. What have you learned?
I did an apprenticeship as a ceramicist in 1992. In 1995 I took my journeyman's examination. From 1997-1999 I took the master's examination to become a ceramist. Self-employment with ceramics from 2002. First shop with ceramics. Then the first T-shirt collections followed from 2004.
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10. How do you manage all of this?
I get up every day and look forward to my work/hobby. For me it's not "work", I like my online shop and my physical store and the suffering. The best thing is when a woman buys a piece of clothing and visibly beams with joy, there is nothing nicer for me.
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11. Do you take back used “my heart’s blood” dirndls?
No, I will not take back Dirndls from “mein herzblut” that no longer fit due to pregnancy or something similar, nor will I resell them!
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