Regensburger Marke bayrisch Wild zusammen mit mein herzblut

Power women from the Bavarian cult

Yes, Corona is really taking a toll.

Like Harald Junke in a drunken stupor.
But we are power women from Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate and we don't let the bad mood get to us. Together we found a way that helps both of us and our families!

Regensburg dirndl with patches from my heart-blood shop Bavarian Wild from Regensburg

Sandi and Rü would like to breathe new life into their store in Regensburg and expand the product range.

Logo Bavarian Wild Regensburg

“I’m in,” I said. The dirndls from "mein herzblut" are now available in Sandi's store, but not just dirndls, but also my retro collection.

The idea is that we exchange the goods.
I put Sandi's and Rü's shirts in my online shop and she sells my goods in her store.

Logo Bavarian Wild Regensburg

The theme, Bavarian casual, harmonizes perfectly with the Bavarian retro feeling of mein herzblut.

my heart's blood folk festival shirts Lower Bavaria.

And now more from Sandi and Rü's shop in Regensburg:

Sandi and Rü opened the store in Regensburg together in 2017. The two founders Sandi and Rü are a strong team. The up-and-coming label “bayrisch Wild” produces a fun and unusual range that doesn’t just include shirts. The special thing about it is that the shirts are absolutely FAIR and made from organic cotton. The motifs of the print are charming and funny at the same time. A banana like Andy Warhole, and instead of the banana there is a white sausage in the banana peel. Or the Weisswurscht UFO is immediately renamed UWO. The shop is located just after the Stone Bridge in Regensburg. The location of the store

Bavarian Wild is very centrally located.

Logo Bavarian Wild Regensburg
Your shop window invites you to stroll. Some curiosities can be seen in the shop window. The mannequin has a trashy design with a wig and jeans suit. The beer crate serves as a helpful object to showcase gift items.

At Bavarian Wild in Regensburg

you get everything your Bavarian heart desires:

Beer glass
Baby shirts
Retro fashion from the 70s
and many more wonderful gift items

Logo Bavarian Wild Regensburg

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