Eine Frau steht neben einem roten Cabrio und trägt ein Dirndl.

The most beautiful RETRO dirndl shoots 2020

My passion is for extraordinary dirndl shoots

To our great joy, we continue to receive great praise from all sides. Many people keep asking us, where did you get the retro dirndl model? Where do you choose the location? How long does it take you for a shoot? Every dirndl needs a pretty and characteristic model and a good location. We don't shy away from replicating one or two locations. We proceed by determining which dirndl looks best in which environment. We focus on the colors of the dress and the surroundings that match it. Each photo not only presents the new collection, but also tells a very special story. The customer can see the new style of our “my heart’s blood” collection.

Our “my heart’s blood” retro dirndl collection 2020 was therefore shot in Lower Bavaria with Lower Bavarian models.

red little heart
Here you can see the cherry dirndl.
Dirndl Cherry Retro Dirndl Shooting with Moped Puch Maxi

little red heart

Here you can see a recreated backdrop of an old kiosk with the old ice cream bars from Schöller and Langnese. In the foreground there is a parked Puch maxi moped.
This location, an old vintage kiosk, was recreated by us and equipped with the right accessories. We got old advertising posters from Schöller and Langnese. Childhood memories such as Haribo mushrooms, Magic Gum chewing gum, cherry gummy bears etc... The “Puch Maxi” moped should not be missed as a highlight. Back then, people rode their mopeds to the kiosk and bought their favorite ice cream flavor. This is the only way to create the right look for a unique selling point in the photo.

red little heart from my herzblut shop

Or here's another great shoot we had with my vintage Mercedes 350 SL Cabrio from 1977.

Dirndl Munich Shooting Drindl Shooting with old suitcases and landscape photography. A woman in a dirndl with a Mercedes convertible in red.

For this shoot I want to drive from the country to the city. I take a break every now and then - it was pretty hot. Here it is important to convey the RETRO feeling of a bygone era. We love the RETRO style of the 60s and 70s. The Munich fabric was designed by myself. The color red because of love. The red of the vintage car goes really well with the red Dirndl apron from Dirndl Munich.

Woman in dirndl sits on red convertible.

A nice journey through time with great photos. The shoot with the Mercedes and Dirndl Munich took us around 2 hours and we took around 500 photos and in the end we couldn't decide which photo we would take.
my herzblut shop retro heart in red

If you are interested in seeing all the new dirndls, I have linked the entire collection here.

little heart my heart's blood shop
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