Trachten Body unter 100 Euro

Traditional bodysuit under 100 euros

What makes a body even better?
Lots of lace. Many ladies have an aversion to bodysuits. You hear that I'm way too fat, the fiddling between my legs...etc. My suggestion is, don't have any prejudices against Bodies, especially if it's supposed to sit where it's supposed to stay. Just try it, you'll love it.
Do you want to be pretty for the most beautiful day in the world and spend hours preparing and looking on Google and not finding the right lace or cut for your body?
This one is too shiny, the other one is too patterned and it has a string that I don't like or maybe not enough bling, bling.
I started looking to show you my recommendations. I came across really great bodies under 100 euros.
Look here:
1.Here you can see the long-sleeved lace body suit for 89.90 euros from mein herzblut. The good thing about it is that it is a product from Germany, made in Germany and designed in Germany.
Click on the photo.
Woman dressed in white stands at the edge of the forest with a bicycle.

3. This great lace bodysuit in white from Hangowear is an absolute eye-catcher. This body can be ordered from Alpenclassics for 49.90 euros.
Women's body Alpenclassics
4.This great round neck long sleeve women's bodysuit can be worn with both traditional costumes and jeans. Seen at Limberrry for 99.00 euros.
Limberry women's long sleeve bodysuit in white
5. I found what I was looking for at the Chiemgauer Heimatwerk with this great body in pure white. The Chiemgauer Heimatwerk stands for tradition and handcraft to the highest degree. This body from the Waldorff company is available for 89.90 euros.
Waldorff lace body in white

I hope that I was able to help you with my top body selection under 100 euros. All of these companies that I mentioned above stand for quality and great customer service. So if you are interested, click on the pictures and be happy!
Your Christina

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