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I keep getting offered clothes from Lower Bavaria/Bavaria through household clearances. Since my business has been focused primarily on dirndls for the past few years, I never accepted the clothing. This weekend I decided differently because there is currently such a high demand for vintage clothing and retro dresses. I was contacted to pick up clothes that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

This woman was so nice and invited me to the house that needed to be vacated.

Ohhh I thought, exactly my thing. I love rummaging around. Normally you come there and see total chaos. Not at the house. The woman had everything so neatly arranged and everything was precisely filed in the wardrobes.

In my last blog I told you what I offer. Now a new category has moved into my shop. In my new category "Vintage Clothing" from Lower Bavaria, I present original vintage dresses from different eras.

I do this meticulously and only use things that fit my shop and style.

I have the following tips for caring for clothes that have been stored for a long time:

I wash every item of clothing with a great detergent, namely Dr. Beckmann the “odor remover”. Highly effective for long-lasting freshness. I was surprised at how well the detergent does its job. After washing everything was ironed and hung on the hanger. I take the trouble and photograph everything about myself. I stand in front of the tripod and take photos from the front, side and back. Then I rename each photo and resize the photo. I write a product text to optimize my SEO and then put everything together online.

Here's a look at the dresses and costumes from the 70s. Click on the photo and you will be taken to my new category:

I hope you like my clothes from the 60s and 70s. Second hand fashion is always possible. I think that this area is very sustainable.

If you also wear clothes a second. If you want to give me a chance, please contact me.

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