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It's now time to introduce myself. Many celebrities have a profile, so I'm writing down my profile for you now.

unusual fabrics from the 70s

I'm Christina, 44 years old and a trained master ceramicist. I trained as a ceramicist and learned how to design pottery and tiles. Modeling and painting with brush techniques and making plaster molds were also part of it.

My artistic work as a designer
Left: Wall design in our house
Right: Meisterstück tiled stove with hand-modeled figures.

  • After completing my master ceramics exam, I started looking for a job and initially got stuck with waiting tables. Was a great time.
  • When I was 28, I started my own business in Straubing with a cute little shop on Rosengasse . Back then the shop was called “the other tone”. There I sold homemade pottery.
  • Somehow the work processes involved in making, glazing, etc. were too long for me.
  • So in 2005 I designed my first traditional costume clothing and made it together with a Lower Bavarian seamstress. I found fabrics at the flea market back then. I prefer retro fabrics from the 60s and 70s. My Heidi dirndl was also created at this point. That was around 2005.
Heidi Dirndl retro unique piece from the flea market
      • The lovely customers loved my design so much that they waited for me until I opened the shop. That was my best seller at the time Beer Brezn Love Shirt.

      • Many large and small retailers bought my collections. I was seen on television (like here with Rita Falk on the anniversary edition of “Heimatrauschen”), in magazines and in books.

        Bayerischer Rundfunk with Rita Falk on the program Heimatrauschen

      • In 2017 I decided to close the store in Straubing due to a private matter in order to focus entirely on my online business.
      • As it turned out later, it was a good decision because Corona came and completely wiped out the dirndl business.
      • I was urgently looking for an alternative.
      • The fashion should be comfortable, made of good textiles, good quality wool knits, the design should be BASIC and retro mixed and in one size to integrate the collection into everyday life.
      • I actually found a dealer with Italian fashion and ordered. I'll buy pretty things for you. In limited edition. Which I also want to wear myself and some of the selected pieces are refined by me.
      red heart in small

      There is now this unique limited edition one size collection under the category “selected by Christina”.

      my personal profile of Christina Kronawitter designer, stylist and retro lover

      • I love serving customers and dealing with personal matters. You can pour your heart out to me. I repair broken clothes for my customers that were purchased from me. Because of sustainability and customer contact. You are welcome to talk to me.
      • I love choosing the right size for my customers. All I need are your body measurements. I am there for you almost 24 hours a day via WhatsApp. If you have any questions, you will always receive a personal message from me about how your piece is doing or whether it is still available. 0175/2043049

      Textile design:
      I design my own fabric collections
      Designs for famous cabaret artists and actors
      special textile design

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