Wo Dirndl Schleife binden

How do I tie the dirndl bow correctly?

Tie a dirndl bow correctly -

No more crooked bows and wrinkled ribbons.

Every dirndl that is my heart's blood needs a proper bow - here we'll tell you how you can tie the perfect dirndl bow .

But no bow without preparatory work! If you don't want to wear a non-iron Dirndl, the "Loop Campaign" starts with the iron. A wrinkled apron and wrinkled ribbons can ruin the entire outfit - so get to the ironing board and straighten everything out nicely. To protect the apron, it is best to iron it inside out.
Everything nice and smooth? Then it starts...

Unlike most current jeans or skirts, a dirndl apron is not worn on the hips, but rather at the waist. Our funkier dirndls also emphasize your narrowest part in this way and you look wonderfully slim and feminine. So you bring the straps back at waist height, place them on top of each other as precisely as possible and bring them forward again. This requires some practice, but it's worth it, because the neat ribbons are a real eye-catcher, emphasize your figure and look elegant and classy. A little tip: If you have difficulty sorting the straps in your back, get a friend or your partner to help you.

Next, place the ribbons crosswise in the desired position (you know, the position of the dirndl bow is not unimportant...). Here, too, you should make sure that the straps lie exactly over the waistband of the apron and remain nice and smooth. One ribbon is now folded over the other to create a loop knot. The other ribbon goes around the folded page. The resulting loop is used to tie it into a bow.

Now all you have to do is trim the bow to its maximum width and make sure that the dirndl bow and ribbons are in the right proportions to each other. The loop should not be too big so that the loops do not hang limply. A double knot holds better, but usually results in a knotty bow and ribbons that are too short - so it's better to avoid it and simply tighten the bow occasionally so that nothing comes loose or loosens.

By the way: please do not thread the ribbons through the small loops on the side of your dirndl and do not attach the apron to the small button. Both are just for easier storage and prevent you from having to search for the apron on the floor of your closet. When you wear your dirndl, adjust the height of the apron so that it sits perfectly on your waist.

Now it's finished, the perfect dirndl bow and you can enjoy your very own traditional costume style . No matter whether your dirndl is traditional, retro or rocky - with a successful bow and neat ribbons it will show off in all its splendor.

And here are the instructions in Bavarian, of course from me personally.

If you like the Dirndl Eva in the video, here is the link to the Dirndl Eva.

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