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Where does a relationship with pigs equal?

I picked up the best crust on the second course of the Stickal. I'll tell you how it happened.

Sometimes it's like that in life that you often don't really know or know whether you're lucky at all and trust yourself to bind yourself.

In order for the pork crust to be really crispy, you have to do a lot of things. A Pigners is actually doing quite well. You don't have to cook it in the oven for a long time and only cook it at a certain temperature. You have to take care of it and you have to put out some beer every now and then and it doesn't taste very good. If you now have a sow from the butcher that wasn't really good from the start, over-bred, a bad mother sow who is often in dire condition, then go to the butcher and then put it on the plate!

You're not a tasty pig and the meat just doesn't taste good. If you were an organic pig, you don't have to take care of the whole thing or season it, because the crust doesn't taste like that. Whatever you do, you give up and don't eat it or give it to Hunt or eat the meat anyway. You still eat it and it's still lying there and you need at least a few days to digest it. You're just wasting time and getting annoyed.

That's why you just like it. Like i. I'm on a new path and I'm always going down that path. I found my organic sau. You don't have to season it much so that it tastes good and it throws really nice bubbles. Every now and then I have a beer to put out the party, then laugh and oisse is good. Don't you smack your lips and let the other person do what he wants or do you really smack your lips with your pig in the oven?! I can't play a song at the Schweinershaud, hey, you throw my Gloane Blodan and koi big ones and I don't have any bass in the sauce. Well, a pig's duad ah wos mecht.

What's important is where the pig comes from and where it comes from :D

Whether you grew up in the country or in the stood with a thousand other people, you were unhappy.

That's why I said, take a closer look at the origin and take a closer look at where you buy your show and who you support with it. These are important relationships in life, whether with customers, work colleagues or with the relationship with the mother and the children. In the end, let me be happy and good luck, that's why I have a business - my heart and soul. If you buy an egg you are supporting a good source and an organic sau de a tastes good.

And this is what my pork skin looks like.

Roast pork with a good brown crust

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