Tuch mit Katzen
Katzen Motiv retro
Dreieckstuch himmelblau
Schal aus Jersey
Weicher Schal Retro Farbe
niedliches Muster Katze
schwarzer Schal Motiv Katze
schwarz blauer Schal Tuch mit Motiven
Schal Tuch blau schwarz
süßer Schal mit Katzen und Blumen
Jersey Tuch Schal in schwarz blau
Blumen und Katzen

Triangular scarf Mizi cat

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  • Large triangular scarf with a super cute motif, kitty cat and flowers.
  • These triangular scarves are sewn in Lower Bavaria in a limited edition.
  • The cloth is intended to be turned. Beautiful sky blue at the back.
  • The cloth is slightly heavier and of excellent quality.
  • The jersey is of very soft and pleasant quality.
  • The surface texture of the cloth is matt.
  • Dimensions: 148cm x 100cm
  • Quality: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
  • The cloth can be washed in the washing machine.
  • Fast delivery 1-2 days

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