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Christina Kronawitter my heart's blood dirndl design in retro style.

my heart's blood in red

My name is Christina Kronawitter . As a true Lower Bavarian , I love nature, my homeland and the traditions that have been passed down here for generations. Nevertheless, I enjoy life today and have a soft spot for current, crazy and colorful fashion. That's why I founded my own dirndl label "Mein Herzblut" in 2004. Since then, as a designer, I have been creating funky Freigeist traditional costumes, party dirndls, cute accessories and traditional everyday clothing. My traditional costume collections are unusual, original and definitely not mass-produced. For several years now, in addition to the traditional costume collection, there has been a small, limited retro collection for women who want to integrate the BOHO feeling into everyday life.

I consciously design limited collections, no fashion for gray mice or boring office fashion - with my designs you swim against the current. Are you not afraid of standing out and are you looking for a dirndl that makes you happy? Then take a look at my traditional costume shop in Landau an der Isar or my Trachten-Freigeist online shop. There you will find 100% authentic traditional freestyle dirndls - rustic nostalgia paired with trendy styles. I design 95% of the items offered there myself with new cuts and specially designed fabrics. No mainstream, no copies from other manufacturers - just originals, limited editions and pure traditional freestyle. Do what your heart tells you and be yourself. Dress how you like:
Colorful, eye-catching and 100% authentic.

Life is too short for boring clothes.

Your Christina!

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