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Dirndl Iza colorful ribbons

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  • Colorful ribbons Dirndl Iza.
  • From special retro colorful ties to a high neck and zip fastening, you'll look fabulous all day long.
  • Perfect for alpine style events or any beer tent party, the retro traditional dress is made from a lightweight black fabric and wrinkle-free material that will keep you looking fresh all night long.
  • Easy care: no ironing required! Simply put the dirndl in the washing machine and it is ready to use again.
  • The apron is made of 100% cotton
  • Long skirt of approx. 75 cm
  • Uncomplicated wearing comfort, any bra fits underneath
  • No dirndl bra necessary.
  • Quality power stretch feel cotton feel

Customer Reviews

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Astrid Asen
Mit Liebe 💘

Sehr gute Passform und mal was anderes. Schockverliebt🤍

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