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Others think she's crazy, I think that's good!

It's about achieving something. What does “achieving something” even mean?

Others think she's crazy, I think that's good. Blog about Christina Kronawitter from mein herzblut about self-employment

  • That you walk 10 km a day or feed 4 social media channels? Or that you have a lot of money in your account but are actually unhappy? Have you achieved anything then?
  • You can't bend yourself and don't listen to others. You have to listen to the voice of your heart. This voice or let's say this feeling is actually the best choice. Wouldn't it be so impatient? I don't know if that's the case for you too.
  • If others think it's a bit crazy, then I think it's great! Because someone who is a bit crazy and still has a warm heart is, for me, the best mix of creative work.
  • Or if your head says, you absolutely have to do this, it's the best thing for you... And you might just puke! I won't have these thoughts again in the future. These are now deleted.
  • Ned always the voice inside is loud and clear. But we often don't take the time to listen carefully. Then at some point it brings us a stupid illness or something else that forces us to rest.
  • How is it for you? Do you make decisions for your heart or is “coal” your priority?
  • In any case, I quit my part-time job to continue to advance my company with full power and positive energy. It always strikes me that it was and is the best decision. I want to be fully there for my heartfelt customers!
  • I stand by myself and keep my promises.
  • A handful of people ask me, is it worth it? This question alone is awesome. I'm not asking, is it worth it if you tidy up your garden... Autumn is coming, then you'll be cutting everything back anyway.

I'll stick with it and listen to mine little red heart, my heart and soul .

Here I'll show you a few more private photos. Because if you've read this far, I'm happy.

If others think she's crazy, I think that's good. Private photos, my heart and soul

  • Above you see me with our dog “Benny”. We picked it up because we had a bad attitude.
  • Below left is my dear daughter Auri with our horse "Gustl".
If others think they're crazy, I think that's good, my heart's blood blog photos privately


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