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Headbanger in the beer tent?

Headbanger in the beer tent? This can only be a customer of my heart's blood.
I'm so proud of it.
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Mass-produced and trendy Breissn with a Lui Vittn bag and flashy cars, nothing was lost in my clothes. Yes, good. Before I get a stream of shit, I'll give you a thumbs up and say - Freile Breissn in the "my heart's blood dirndl" Welcome, but don't say anything :D and already gone in the beer tent.
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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to have fun and am always up for a stupid saying, which is exactly what Madeleine from the PNP editorial team thought.
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Say, do I still have to sort myself out, Madeleine?
Well, stay tuned and send me a selection of your photos, that's what I said and that's what I did.
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I am soooo proud of my newspaper article that appeared in the Passauer Neue Presse on Friday, April 8th, 2022 and I am as happy as a schnitzel.
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Madeleine is always looking for extraordinary stories and you Christina fit right in with your dirndl collection. Far from the mainstream and sooo cool. That's what people are looking for.

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There is a lot more about me in the PNP report :
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The best dirndl compliments for me are:
  • I was in the beer tent and there came a beautiful, charismatic woman wearing a dirndl that could only be from “my heart’s blood”.
  • I saw a woman in a dirndl at the next table in the beer garden, I've never seen anything like that before, I went over and asked her, where did you get the dirndl ?
  • Luckily you only have limited editions. Because I don't like it when 150 women walk around in the same dirndl. Who likes that anyway?

  • If you look at your dirndls, they tell a story . This is so great. You always discover something new and you can combine the dirndl with a cool leather jacket or with a cardigan that is already hanging in the closet.

  • Look, the dirndl still has 2 skirt pockets! Brilliant!

  • Non-iron dirndl, a dream.
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Dirndls that are simply different . Different, rocking, lovely, romantic and not old-fashioned, just sometimes maybe. Flea market, bodysuit, dirndl with fairy tales on it. Rocker Patches Heavy Metal.

I love free spirits and can only say that anyone who buys a dirndl from me, Christina Kronawitter "my heart's blood", underlines their personality and doesn't allow themselves to be pigeonholed, but rather loves the freedom to be who they are. Of course, shit.

You know, where I do it is like a cabaret artist on the stage, just to get dressed. This is how I describe my style.
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Others think it's crazy, which is exactly what I like.
Christina Kronawitter my heart and soul in a dirndl with apples on it

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